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The vision is that in a few years Proselinsgården will receive visitors from Sweden and internationally, who want to experience the peace and harmony that Bjursås and its surroundings offer. It must also be a place that flourishes both visually and on a human level. The hope is that there is a flamboyant garden where people who need work integration and rehabilitation can grow in step with the vegetation. Our guests want to travel in a green way and jump off the bus at Björsgården- the local shop who works as a centre of the village. There awaits a horse transport up the magnificent mountain to your accommodation which will give you more than you expected. 

By booking your next trip to Proselinsgården, you contribute to a vibrant and sustainable countryside.  

Welcome to grow with our vision! 


Proselinsgården was built in 1807 by Olof Mattson and his wife Anna. During the beginning of the 20th century, Mats Proselin farmed on the farm together with the housekeeper Kari. In 1963, Mats Proselin died and the farm was then donated to Bjursås municipality, today Falu municipality. After that, Bjursås riding club has run it on a non-profit basis until the year 2022 when the company Nordic Sauna Stories AB started the cabin rental agency togehter with Sauna experiences in Dalarna. 

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