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Cykling vandring Dalarna

Bjursås - Switzerland of the Valleys

In the heart of Dalarna you will find Bjursås. The mountains are nowhere near as high as in Switzerland, but the term Switzerland of the Dalarna was mentioned as early as the 18th century by a man who was travelling at the same time as Carl Von Linné. He thought that the mountains and valleys of the village resembled Switzerland. In the old days, it was said that there was not a single flat surface in the village. The hilly terrain meant though work for the farmers, but today we who live in the village and visitors can enjoy the heights and the views.


A hiking, cycling or skiing tour makes the views extra beautiful! We are happy to advise you on our favourites!


Experience the fantastic fairytale trail suitable for children aged 0-12 years. End with a lovely coffee or lunch and enjoy the views from Dössberget's inn. 


The gem in Bjursås! Beautiful winter skiing with 21 slopes and 11 lifts including lift carousel and conveyor belt. Children's areas, snow parks and Bag Jump. In summer, you swim in Bjursen after a lovely bike ride or hike in the surrounding areas. The Bjurrestigen is suitable for the youngest in the group. 

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